Gmail and Inbox not working

Gmail and inbox not working - tried reinstall of both and clearing cache but still no luck.

When I launch app it opens but closes after approx. 1-2 seconds.

Meizu Pro 6

I had this problem with 4.5.3A.

I’m back on stable KitKat version now ;)

m1 note

Same on my M1 Note 4.5.3A

Hey, I’m on 4.5.4A and I have the exact same problem. On “Accounts>Google” Gmail sync seems to have been stopped since 5 days. Did anyone solve this problem? I do not want to downgrade. Also if I have to downgrade, can I do so without wiping data?

I have the same problem with 4.5.4A. Gmail close after 2 seconds, instagram don’t upload videos, slow motion on camera don’t work… yeah, the firmware can be more smooth, but it’s not stable (yet?!).

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