"Find my phone" feature compatible with Meizu services?


I use my phone without Google Services due some serious heating problems with Flyme. It’s all ok except location services, Meizu services uses Baidu as data provider and service location. That means whether I check my position with http://finder.flyme.cn/browser/index.jsp my phone is located on a blank map. I can’t install apps such Cerberus or Prey because they need Google Services to run.

I’ve tried this with no success:

I would know if there is an app which can run with Meizu services and Baidu location plus with Europe maps. Also could be possible if some knows how to force finder Flyme service to work with another map provider like OpenStreetMaps.

Thank you very much!!


Dafuq. I have no heat problems with Google Services.


I use a lot of Google products: Gmail, Keep, Chrome, Play Music, Play Store, Drive, Sheets, Docs, Calendar, syncing data, etc. The heating issue doesn’t start in the beginning, they appear after using the phone for a period of time (30 minutes), surfing web, feddly, G+, Tapatalk, checking my timeline, and hearing some music. Also, I’ve a considerably battery drain, I’ve lost almost one hour. This is especially noticeable on 3G, but with wifi is also present.

I’m sure, that didn’t happen previously. I thought that was Flyme fault, so I downgraded to 4.1.7 but the problem was still there. I flaseh again the last stable but this time I’ve ditched Google Play Services and installed all my apps (Well, almost… :D, replaced some of them) via AppCenter, F-Droid and Apkmirror and voilà, the problem has gone and again four hours of screen time.

That’s why I’ve decided to continue with the test and why I’m looking for a reliable location service. Since yesterday I’ve had some positive progress but I think it’s still to soon to have a conclusion.


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