Flyme OS stable (m1 note)


  • Added Hindi into the system languages.
  • Added Arabic into the system languages.
  • Added Turkish into the system languages.
  • Optimized the security of the vault.
  • Optimized the sound of minimum volume.
  • Fixed the problem of unable to activate the keypad to input complex password after shut down an alarm clock.
  • Fixed the disappearing bottom bar issue after disabled “Intelligently hide Smartbar”.


  • Fixed the occasional abnomity when re-launch the Phone app.
  • Fixed the non-responsive tap on the Phone app icon.


  • Added a switch to control the gesture of sliding rightward under locked screen.
  • Added a color temperature adjusting function.


  • Optimized GPS locating speed.


  • Fixed the occasional bug of unable to auto connect to hidden hot spot.
  • Fixed auto break off issue when connect to hot spot encrypted in EAP-PEAP.

Flyme Home Screen

  • Fix the bug of automatically exit a folder when slide up the screen to check multi-task bar when viewing the folder.


  • Optimized the launching speed of Camera.
  • Optimized the effect of photos taken under Light field mode.
  • Optimized the focus length adjusting effect under Manual mode.


  • Fixed the occasional program crash of Gallery when preview photos of large size.


  • Fixed related issues of rebooting with no reason, unable to connect to A2DP, unavailable Bluetooth and etc.


  • Fixed the bug of unable to scan the videos on local disk.
  • Fixed the bug of when playing videos of MPG format with MEPG audio and visual coding, the sound and frame is stumble;


  • Added EP-21HD earphone option to Dirac HD Sound.
  • Fixed the bug of unable to adjust negative base value in all setting options in Equalizer.
  • Fixed the bug of when turn on and off repeatedly, the Equalizer would lose efficacy.


  • Fixed the breakdown issue when launching the Calculator.
  • Fix the calculating error in some circumstances.


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As an addition, this is what I’ve received:

Change Log
1. Fixed strip display on the screen issue when abnormal power off of AUO LCM
2. APP center can be unloaded
3. Added APP center and Personalization center
4. Added vibration effect for punctuation in keypad input
5. Fixed long strings in multiple line in the Menu
6. Fixed Snooze time issue
7. Fixed alarm icon instant flicker issue on the call
8. Added fade-in ringtone
9. Added Hindi and Indonesian into the system languages
10. Restore the file downloaded from Dropbox to the device and can normally save the file.
m1 note

Is that true that only I version released and before A/C/U? :O

Any news on when other versions of the firmware will be made available?

meizu we A version need the update too

I have the device for 4 days and upgraded 3 times… > > NEVER OTA and always clear data. No problems and love ringtone fader switch :D
This phablet goes toward perfect!! to is it safe and does it worth it?
I’m in croatia, EU… got my M1 from

I have installed today direct on without clearing anything. It works fine. Chinese crap is gone. Only app center and personalisation are present, but that’s all i wanted to have. So there is no need to install A firmware anymore when you are outside China.

m1 note

How it’s possible? I receive firmware corrupt message :(

I’m just a common user so cant help to much. My Meizu was bought with then I’ve installed and then to the actual version. Allways the same way - download file and start to update. Never got error messages.

@remikc your original FW was Version I before switch to A now back to I or how did you do it coz i heard you can’t install I on A. ?

I’ve copied to root folder and started it from there. If sth went wrong i could install this in recovery mode clearing data first. But everything was OK so didnt have to recover anything.

@jayb4u it is possible. Mine is 5A before i updated it to 5I but didnt like it coz theres no theme store , so i revert it back to 5A with no problem… Now ive tried this new 6I again with no problem…

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