Change search engine in default web browser

Hey guys,

I was wondering whether the search engine in the default web browser can be changed to something else, as currently it goes directly to


@joevik u can change it… Web browser>settings>set home page>custom
Type the page u like


But i meant for the search option. For example if you type something directly in the address bar, it will perform a search which goes directly to I was wondering if i can change that, as changing the home page didn’t help.

I deleted mine in the settings the
And i change it to or then saved it…

Yeah, even if i change the home page to or the search still goes to

I never had a prob like that. Im running

Did you tried clearing app data?

Thanks guys. Finally decided to go for google chrome and freeze the other app.

i dont see any homepage settings. do you know where it is? because all of the sudden my search engine changed into not google.

You can change the homepage in the browser settings but you cannot change the search engine. Mine still redirects to google HK.

Follow the below steps to revert back homepage & other browser setting:

This step is for Google Chrome users:

  • Start Google Chrome browser and click the 3-Horizontal Bar icon present at the top right corner of the browser.
  • Go to Settings → Search → Manage Search Engines
  • Select the search provider that you want to make your default search provider and click on Make Default.
  • Now exit from the browser and start it again to let the changes take effect.

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