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Has anyone gotten the default email app to work with a hotmail account? Specifically a account.


What are the settings required? I’ve tried IMAP/POP3/Exchange and none of them are working.

I have a Outlook account on mine with exchange and it works. Always have.

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Thanks for everyone telling me it works but not actually helping by posting any settings. /sarcasm

I didn’t need any specific settings I just set it up as an exchange account.

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Email is imperative, which includes information whether its newsletters, recipients, images, works, or personal, it keeps all in one place. It is like our digital ID…. However, today everyone has more than one email account and managing all of them simultaneously is a hard job. Thanks to the apps which make it easy to organize email in a proper way. Since our device come loaded with default email apps, but they generally not support many advanced features and create a problem like you stated above. Thus there are alternative apps like “Mailwise” which works best in such case. It is a fully secure email app that lets you check several email accounts including Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, etc. at one location. I think you should try this handy app instead wasting time on default ones.

Hey guys do you know how to use the chrome as default email opener ?

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