Accessibility Services keep switching off

I have several apps which do need accessibility services enabled in order to work properly (Pebble, Pushbullet). Problem is that whenever I do enable them, they are disabled again after a while.

Is this a bug or is this just me missing something? I have already checked all permissions but did not find anything that may cause this? I did also already give all necessary permissions to these apps.

Any help is appreciated.


No ideas or hints at all? Am I really the only one with this problem?

Are you running an A firmware?
They usually get disabled after a reboot.

Yes, I have an A Firmware. Is there any way around this annoying behaviour? After all, I enable these services for a reason ;-)

I have recently brought a mx5 and yes, accessibility services keeps turning off making a lot of apps useless, anyone worked out what’s going on here?

Meizu Pro 5

Disable/freeze the security center

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