\[ SOLVED \] No sound mx4 pro!


İt is me again. İn my previous thread İ told you about a sound issue İ had. My sound wouldnt work for youtube, music and stuff. However notifications and calls sound would work. İ was told to change my firmware to A.

So İ changed from to
And now my sounds doesnt work for both. No sound at all. Only sound through headphones.
İ read another thread where it got solved by a firmware update, but İ am not sure which on that is.

Could anyone help me? :(

Okay after looking through what was going on. I upgraded my firmware twice to a higher A version. ATM I got the 4.5.1A.
The problem wasnt solved though. So I kinda started to investigate more deeply.

What I realised was that the volumebuttons were working. But the speaker was simply just too silent (even in max volume). Also there was some weird noise.
This made me think that a. I just max volumed the shit out of the speaker or b. there is something not connected properly.

So I opened the case and looked inside. The second I opened the case, the volume worked just fine. So I tried to know what happend.

I pressed down just above the speaker grill, from the back side without cover, and the volume slowly faded away. Apparently pressing down on that spot makes the connection bad and the speaker will work much silenter and with noise.

At this point I am just facepalming. I really hope it is not like this with all phones.

I am just happy that I fixed it. Atm I am just really carefull not to drop the phone, or to press down on that spot. Can’t send it back either because 14 days have passed.

I am also happy it is only about the connection. I can simply solve this by going to a repair store if it really loses connection.

Well, thats it :P


Glad you sorted it out and thanks for telling us how!

Mine has the same problem. Thank you so much for posting the solution, therefore saving me hours of stress finding a solution for the problem. I am sad to find out that this phone has such a design flaw. In the reviews I read, it says nowhere about this thing, which I can see it’s quite a common problem and a very annoying one. I missed calls because I couldn’t hear my phone, I was unable to use the alarm in the morning…etc. Basically what can I do now? The warranty I am sure will not cover this problem and if I have to open the back cover every day to fix the speaker then I’d be really pissed off.

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