Camera and geodata

Rom How to set camera to include location, even though the option is turned on, it still doesn’t save location.

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The same to me but no answer…

It has to get location from GPS, its a shame it doesnt use the wifi/mobile network as a rough guide.
Google camera works with out GPS lock

It does save the GPS coordinates. We can’t just read it in the default camera app. You need a geotagger app to view the gps coordinate on your smartphone. But you can also view it after transferring the photos to your PC. Just right click on the photo whose gps cordinate you want and then go to properties/details tab and scroll dow to see the Latitude and longitude. Just remember to switch on the gps before taking a photo and give it some time to lock the gps coordinate then take as much photo you want and it will be saved in the metadata of the picture.

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