Flyme OS stable (MX3)

Lock screen

  • Optimization slide Task Manager Caton problem.
  • Repair the lock screen prompts copywriting does not follow the system language change issues.
  • When repairing portrait Task Manager icon display problem landscape.


  • New plug-in features are not available in guest mode.
  • Added two-finger match the desktop editing mode.

Notification bar

  • Added Flyme theme switching, theme material notification bar switch button without having to restart to take effect.

Global Search

  • Added support for location-based search services scene.

Notification Center

  • Repair phone turned silent and vibration, QQ / micro-channel mode is set reminders for voice + vibration problems to QQ / micro-channel messaging phone no vibration.


  • New Speed Dial function.
  • Added view contacts function call.
  • Search results can show all the contact numbers and more numbers when new T9 search.
  • After the new call by pressing the dial keys T9 dialpad dialpad content quickly restore the previous call.
  • Optimal adjustment of the call interface background settings, fit third-party themes.


  • Added bulk delete call records function.
  • Added Starred contacts.
  • New contact list displays the letter from the Permanent navigation.
  • New Contact details Show number attribution.
  • Add more contact numbers highlighted last call number.
  • New contact list display company information.
  • Increased number of new filter “delete call records” option.
  • Added synchronization since the latest call records of other devices in the details page display mark.
  • New Call History list directly “Send SMS” “Save number” “Filter number” “Remarks Number” and other routine operations.


  • Fully optimized SMS service number, covering 100+ commercial enterprises, 1000+ certified SMS numbers, providing 30+ living services.
  • Added “timed SMS” function.
  • New contact sharing, selection information / network information in plain text directly Share Share pm.
  • Added new information popups increase the Close button.
  • Additional information on the interception record increase in the “More” button to view the details of the intercepted information.
  • Since the new information to other devices sync mark is displayed in the session details.

Microblogging Contact

  • Microblogging service contacts change to the background, the main interface icon no longer displays the contact entry.
  • When sending microblogging add new pictures can enlarge the preview and delete functions.
  • Added Share to Weibo to support multi-map upload, maximum support nine pictures, each picture maximum support 10M, support failure is automatically saved.
  • Added support for displaying TWITTER send microblogging progress in the notification bar.
  • Added support for large image preview TWITTER and you can delete the picture to be sent.
  • New microblogging personal dynamic list of supported displays and supports zoom Figure 9 preview.

Set up

  • Added data backup and recovery capabilities.
  • New Disturb function.
  • Added “Right slide lock screen” function switch, from open-demand.
  • Optimized automatic shutdown: no vibration shutdown, sleep no longer wake-up.

Suspension Ball

  • Optimized suspension ball animation and default functionality.
  • Optimized fixed keyboard appears suspended ball pop height.

Security Center

  • New power-saving mode, saving a second limit change “Nokia”.
  • New leisure traffic monitoring.
  • Added standby power management, standby lock screen automatically clean up after three minutes back-office applications.
  • New traffic daily reminder.
  • When the flow rate is not set new package, use the flow too much will warm prompts.
  • New desktop plug flow.

Domestic services

  • Adaptation Flyme 4 For MX2 / MX3.


  • New smart set wallpaper function.
  • New wallpaper fuzzy transition animation.
  • Added offline viewing cloud within the photo album function.
  • New cloud support offline editing within the photo album.
  • New Gallery recognition of barcodes and two-dimensional picture of the code.
  • New albums were local Chinese Notes.
  • Added to enlarge the title bar displays the time.
  • Added GIF picture identification, easy to find GIF images.
  • APP albums optimization commonly checked by default display.


  • New location setting switch.
  • New viewfinder interface switching mode menu appears to decline.
  • New camera scan code allows users to quickly log dimensional code scanning center.
  • Beauty Mode Beauty optimized to increase the default value.


  • Optimization of individual centers redesign, do not enter the details you can click to play music.
  • Added recently added regression.
  • New lyrics picture sharing capabilities.
  • New player interface is changed Cycle lyrics and cover.
  • New Folder list of songs to add letters navigation bar.
  • Added support for folders and subdirectories singles two search methods, support letters classification.


  • Added support for 5 minutes probation fees theme.
  • New smart wallpaper function, a key can blur the heart of water wallpaper.
  • New Online ringtone channel.
  • New calls, text messages and other tones configuration capabilities.
  • Download Manager channel additional resources.
  • New theme mash save function.
  • Live Wallpaper channel optimization experience.

Application Center & Application Center

  • Add voice search function.
  • Optimization of multi-dimensional visual effects list.
  • Need to uninstall the new input device password encrypted when applied.
  • New online games, single and reputation rankings.
  • New real-time search hot words.


  • Added support for cloud disk online open function. Music support: APE, M4A, WAV, FLAC, MP3, AAC, video support: MP4, WMV, MKV, PLV, RMVB.


  • Added “Add a local video directory” feature.
    New video details page supports direct window to switch to the suspension.


  • New telephone recording file search function.
  • Optimization recorder interface.

Input Method

  • New cloud Pinyin input functions, improve the accuracy of the association of choice for word.


  • Replace the paper’s new animation.

User Center

  • New web version of scan code to log.

Alarm Clock

  • Optimized interface to modify the alarm list, alarm control switch to the right.
  • Optimized alarm reminder next time, modify the way the top bar box prompts bomb.

System Upgrade

  • The current version of the point like "features the official return.
  • When sufficient additional capacity in WiFi environments automatically download the upgrade package.



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@‘AOKP’ said:

Notification bar

  • Added Flyme theme switching, theme material notification bar switch button without having to restart to take effect.

What does the notification bar change mean?**

Hello , this morning I installed the version
The Contacts application has disappeared, and that has not liked. Although I can access them from the phone option , I liked it more as it was before . Could someone tell me how to install it ? I searched the app and not meizu . thanks

this is not multilanguage rom? i can see only few languages :(


It contains all languages like in the I release.

i installed and seems be no international :(

@‘Davao’ said:

Hello , this morning I installed the version
The Contacts application has disappeared, and that has not liked. Although I can access them from the phone option , I liked it more as it was before . Could someone tell me how to install it ? I searched the app and not meizu . thanks

I think its like this on purpose… Been like since 4.2.6 I think…



what do you miss? Czech?
This is only available in TCCM roms.

yeah, slovak/czech, ok I will try MX3 ROM but someone wrote that this rom is buggy
so which TCCM rom is best for MX3 now?

@‘AOKP’ said:

It contains all languages like in the I release.

No, it doesn’t contain all languages from international release. And the czech is in international version, not in TCCM only.

yeah I dont know why arent they adding all languages to all versions… it isnt even hard(for them)

This version is looking really good me, i dont have any problems. Its just lovely, only thing I miss is my mature language, but i can deal with english too.

Stable? i have a lot of problem, the first a incredible battery drain

Well it’s not an incredible battery drain but indeed, i think the battery is worst now…

Not for me I have been connected to 3g all day till now

Hi all! I have a question about the music player.
Is it support gapless playback? You know, when there is no break between 2 songs…
It’s really important for me, so please answer only if you are sure about it. I don’t want to update to Flyme 4.x until it lacks this feature…
Thank you!

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