\[SOLVED\] Not receiving certain SMS

Hello everyone,

I currently have the mx4 pro with Flyme OS
I installed Google Messenger and I use that one as my default SMS-app.
I can receive sms from my Bank and my friends, but not from a Ministry (Government) I need to contact.

I suspect the security settings to be blocking the SMS. I looked in the app called “security” and in “Send SMS” Messenger status is “Allow”.

Does anybody know what to do?

Thanks in advance!


After looking through, I changed my SMS app back to the standart one. I also changed some settings from “permissions” app. Not really sure how, but it randomly worked. ;P

Presently all are used bulk sms services to promote their product and bank is one of them because they have lots of product like credit card, loans, SIP details and other, to sale and they send sms for their consumers every transaction updates and they used Top 5 Bulk SMS Service Provider in India with SMS API so they send sms in bulk.

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