\[Leak\]Flyme 4.5 (Android 5.0.1 Lollipop) for MX4 Pro

This firmware has many many bugs.

1. fever, low power consumption compared to Android 4.4 version is slightly larger (already optimized, such that heat, power consumption is a serious replies please inform specific usage scenarios);
2. You can not use Google Installer (already referred back to the app developer adaptation in);
3. Visitors model some small problems, temporarily is not recommended;
4. Application to encrypt the message after being given; (Beta repair)
5. Set - account, even now the interface can not slide up and down; (Beta repair)
6. Set - power management, power has been displayed 100%; (Beta repair)
7. part of the interface box style bomb error; (Beta repair)
8. document root directory display 0KB file;


I got a second beta version for MX4 Pro.
I uploaded to MEGA.
Be happy!



well… its only a week or so left till official release… (if im not mistaken) so… i guess there is no point on leaked 5.0… at least for me…

I believe this is not a leaked firmware, it’s official preview from meizu.
Looks to be buggy aldo
Is flyme going to support art on lollipop release since there was a discussion on flyme forums but I couldn’t fully understand, I think they said that it’s not supported.


Yes, it will and no, this is the test build.

Known bugs?

Tapatalked w MX4PRO

You don’t gonna close this thread @AOKP ?


Why should I?

If it’s about iicc I can only say:
Keep out of things you don’t understand. Especially when you are totally wrong, as I proved with my screenshots.

Op why you have you removed the ROM links? Others should try as well.

Can you realease links please i want to test it :)

has anyone tryed this version?

Yes unable to install GAPPS so I quit.

anyother option to install gapps

i dont know really tryd alll …

install it manually like i did ,download gapps zip for lollipop extract it and copy that to system /app and system/priv app and change all permission via file manager so it would look like the other system apps…

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