Adb devices cannot detect M1 Note

just like the title says i can’t make the adb detect my m1 note as a connected device i have done everything that i must do that i can think of, debugging is on, i added the vendor id in the android_usb.ini, but it seems that my computer is having a problem with installing something it is named m71 whenever i try to apply fix it will just say that m71 has no driver i don’t know if this m71 is part of meizu m1 note or not but this is an error right now plus whenever i go to the built in cd-rom and access the usb driver folder all i see is this files that i don’t know what i do with it and i don’t see any kind of .exe applications that i can use to install the driver i followed the instructions about adding the vendor id into the android_usb.ini file but still no devices detected when i run adb devices on cmd, upto this point i really don’t know what to do next i fell like there is something wrong with the pre installed driver built into my device cause it won’t install properly i us windows 7 64-bit.[attachment=993][attachment=994][attachment=995]

Same Problem with me if u found any solution share with me… Or any one please help on that issue.

same here. we need help guys. :(

Meizu m3s

I usually force the adb driver from the all in one adb driver onto the USB port. Don’t know if it is the same on the m1 not. When it is connected it usually ask to allow debugging with device.

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