Dirac HD Sound with Xiaomi Pistons 2

I don’t know how many of you have the Xiaomi Pistons 2 as your main headphones for MX4. I have them and I can say that they are the best for their value or at least one of the best.
Just was curious, for those that have them, which option you use in the Dirac HD sound.
I always had the EP20 option, but today I checked the earpads option and it’s also very good.
Which one of the options available in the Dirac HD sound you prefer with your headphones?

P.S.: Started this thread thinking especially Xiaomi Pistons 2 but now that I think about it, I’d like to see all the variety out there. So which ones (headphones) and with what option you use them? :)

I just got some AXGIO u5 Bluetooth headphones. Work great, sounds good £20 aliexpress.
It’s my first Bluetooth device, but I like the way you can see the devices battery life from the status bar.

Headphones info. : http://m.aliexpress.com/item-desc/32256412979.html

Same headphones, just different brand logo.

Looks like not so many ppl interested in this. I know not the same handset but I’m using my Pro with HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2 IEMs, Dirac set to Auditechnica CKM500 and it’s sounds so-so beautiful! :D

Ps. Good to hear the pistons are good. Hope the 3 will be good as its predecessor, would like to get one for my gf.

Well, it’s okay, sometimes I have these questions in my head and try to see other people’s opinions :)
Yea pistons 2 are nice and I ordered now the v3… we will see how they are. As for the Dirac setting I again changed to EP30 this time. It seems that this options gives them a bit more bass than earpads option but not as much as EP20, seems the perfect for me at the moment using my Xiaomi Pistons 2.

i generaly use the Audiotechnica CKM500 with my pistons, but it kinda depends to what im hearing, if i change music category i try to find what sounds best.

@punkmonkey1984 Does these bluetooth headphones allow DIRAC HD sound to be enabled in MX4 PRO? I had a Jabra ROx but am unable to enable HD or DIRAC…need to sell the earbuds because of this.

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