Flyme keeps killing my apps

i don’t know why but the phone keep killing my apps (whatsapp, gmail and others) thus i didn’t get any realtime notifications. i only get notifications once i turned on the screen. I have disable wifi sleep, put on performance mode, lock the apps in multi-task menu, put apps in white list in apps manager. tried everything yet still didn’t get any positive results. I’m using m1 note with flyme
Please help

I believe this behavior part of how Android works in general in order to arrange better the Ram memory.

Unleashed by my M1 note

Go to security app - power saving - click on that 4 squares navbar button on the bottom right.

I agree that this is overkill, but by default most apps are blocked from running in stand-by to preserve the battery.

ever try this?
if it works >> credit to Ittipon Sracumjan &Meizu Thai

That’s what I said ;p

@‘SmOgER’ said:

That’s what I said ;p


I’m having the same problem.
But when I go to the security app, I don’t have the option to choose power saving. Only the other six.

@‘wrwut’ said:

ever try this?
if it works >> credit to Ittipon Sracumjan &Meizu Thai

I sent all those hateful emails to devs for nothing.

Thank you. Learn something new everyday

I own the Meizu M1 Note (firmware 4.5.6a) and am experiencing the same problems as mentioned above. I am especially irritated that my running tracker endomondo shuts down 3 minutes after standby. I already tried the suggestion above (security -> App management) and it didn’t help. Does anyone have another suggestion?

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