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Meizu MX4

Hi :)

Just a little question about the music app :

An SQ music is for “Super Quality” (also know as FLAC) or for “Small Quality” ?

Because sometime the music seems very better than an HQ music and sometimes it’s the opposite …

At the same time I’ve never seem the logo “FLAC” …

Meizu MX4

Alright, but is it better than HQ or not ?

Meizu Pro 6

SQ stands for “Standard Quality” so HQ would be better than SQ. And FLAC would be better than HQ.

In the latest version of the music player, these are the terms used

  • Standard quality
  • HQ
  • FLAC

The abbreviation SQ doesn’t seem to be used anymore…

Meizu MX4

Thanks @generationally :)

Buuuuuutttt …

I’ve put a FLAC music (30Mb for this song) on my device and this one is recognized as a “SQ” music …
That’s why I don’t really understand, moreover I’ve nerver seen “FLAC” …

Meizu Pro 6

Yes, you seem to be right. I just tried putting a flac file on the phone and it is listed as SQ instead of flac.

But don’t worry about it. It is just another little Flyme bug. There are plenty of these small bugs all over the place ;)

Yeah, I was confused at first. But then: who cares? The files are what matter, not what the phone reports.

Meizu MX4

Yes of course …

But when you take your music from the music app and you see SQ you don’t want to download it :rolleyes:


Or, maybe in that matter, as an abbreviation SQ stands for super quality for FLAC files while there’s no special sign for standard quality?

HQ stands for High Quality (mp3 320 kbps) and SQ stands for better Super Quality (FLAC)
Otherwise it’s just standart quality and there is no any signs, just empty.

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