Full data wipe

I have a question. I tried fully reinstalling my Meizu but when i select full data wipe, it only removes some of the apps. Some of them are still on the phone. Is it possible to fully reinstall my phone?


Download latest update.zip and move it to root of your SD, so it is not in any kind of folder. Now shut the phone down and press Volume Up + Power. Select “Clear Data” and start the “Upgrade”.

It will reflash the system files + remove all of your apps and so custom settings.

after the wipe. All my photos are left and all data is here :(

The data I think is the app and system setting not the app them self


Yes, thats what I understand under data too. If you want to clean your phone just format the storage over Windows.

To do full wipe data of your Meizu, we can use phone data eraser tool. It helps us wipe all personal data like contacts, text messages, photos, videos, user names, passwords and all personal info without recovery. So there is no need worrying about information leaked.

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