Meizu MX3 Music App

Hello, my name is Dimitri and I have a question, that is very important to me.
I live in Germany and I got my Meizu MX3 from my father in Russia. He bought the CN- Version of it and now i´m stuck. I very often use the Music Player App and there are some bugs that kill my fun while listening to music. When I go to the album´s and swipe up and down the App closes automaticly. Everytime.

So than I upgradet Flyme to 3.1.2 via the Computer because as I had the 3.0.1 Version it didn´t showed me an Update via OTA. I red that it´ll be no problem when I upgrade to the HK Firmware so I did it. That I saw that the 3.3.1 firmware is out. But only the CN version. Well no problem, because I have the CN Version of the Meizu and so I upgradet it. But the “Wo” Logo don´t come up when I´m booting it up or shut it down. But I downloadet the CN Firmware because the HK firmare isn´t out. And now I can search in my Songs, but it take over 5 seconds to show the results of the searching. And sometimes when I play a song, that has no cover and when the black disk is shown the disk is a little bit flat. This bug is not so nice. And I also have the feeling that the Equalizer or the Dirac HD settings aren´t the same as before.

So what I can do? :huh::huh: Do anyone know what I´ve done wrong? Can I downgrade the Meizu to the official Flyme CN 3.0.1 Firmware and that upgrade it to Flyme 3.3.1 CN Firmware another time?

Sorry that I opened a new Thread for this but I don´t know what I should do and I don´t know much about Forums.

I hope you all can read and understand what I wrote. I´m sorry for possible mistakes and I hope for a fast answer.
Thanks :D

Flyme 3.4.1 was released already. The Wo logo doesn’t show anymore because you installed the China Mainland version instead of the China Unicom version. It is only recommended to use the China Unicom version when using a SIM from this provider, since it the China Mainland version is optimized to be used with SIMs from all providers.

It is normal that not all songs show a cover. If you really want this you could add them manually on your PC with a program like Album Art Downloader, for example.

So i found already the option to download some songtext and some of em work well.
However some are not correctly or just plain wrong. I also dont get any album pic and Infos for the songs.
Else the internet radio is kinda nice. The whole app seems a lot better then on the M9.

I guess i have to download the pictures on my own and add em.
I think there was also a tool for the songtext and instructions somewhere but forgot since i never used it for the M9.


i have a compilation cd with 20 different artist in it, will these artists shown seperately in artist view, or will it be shown as one “various artist” ??

@dro completely depends on how well the ID3 tag is laid out.

what you mean? it should always read out the “album artist” tag as priority.

I did download Album Art Downloader and that works kinda good.
However the tool pits the cover as folder.jpg in the folder of the album songs.
Do i have to put folders for each song with folder pic inside to have it working headless or do i have to copy all pics somewhere and select them with the Music player app for each song ?
Renaming would be bad because the waste of space.

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