Downgrade Flyme OS

Hi, i have ask pls…

Can I downgrade to Flyme 4 —> Flyme 3?
Does it?
Thx for answer :-)


Yes, but select to “Clear data”.

You mean first Clear data and then System upgrade?
i have and tried back 3.5.3.I and wrote Firmware corrupt.

How did you try to downgrade? And when does it say system corrupted in this process


No, you put the to the root of your SD card so it is not in a folder. Then shut the phone down and presss Volume Up + Power. Now you are in recovery mode and simply tick the second option (Clear Data), now you can proceed the downgrade.

Hmm…doesnt work…write it “Firmware corrupt”…
What i use type downgrade Flyme OS? I have 4135(I), but 353(i) doesnt work downgrade :-(

Not working… Firmware corrupt :(


What about 3.8? I am sure that it will work.

3.8? Iam never found version I-international :-(

Solved… :-)… First upgrade recovery (urecovery.boot) from firmware…then downgrade …

Probably yes… My device is original ROM O19454 :-)
Im from czech… it means only Flyme 3.5… :-)


So it’s TCCM. Anyway, glad you sorted it out :)

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