3G not working on LTE FDD version

Hi all

I just got M1 note LTE FDD version last week ! I am having a great experience with it. However I don’t seem to get data when on 3G mode at all. It works super fast on 4G though.
H and H+ work… but when the 3G icon is on it doesn’t connect even with maximum signal

I am running Flyme OS
I am on UK Three network (3 Hutchison) frequencies are:

_800 MHz _LTE 4G (planned)
1800 MHz LTE 4G

Any Ideas?

Hi there,

congrats on the super phone you got. It is trully amazing!!!

Well as for your problem i would suggest that you check your APN settings.

I had the same problem, because when i first turned it on, it chose an APN which was inapropriate for Vodafone (plain Internet and Internet corporate)…

So i entered the other APN and everything was fine…

Of course you need first to make sure that the Data function in ON !!



I tried to change the APN by creating a new one with configurations available from three website. But had no success.
On different approach i deleted all the APNs and hit reset to force the system to load three settings . Again no success. Maybee I missing some other APN setting data

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