Notification lockscreen

Hi guys, is there a way to show notifocation screen (swiping down screen) while there’s fingerprint passcode?


If it’s not possible, it isn’t.

i think flyme 5 on lollipop can


There is not going to be Flyme 5 with Lollipop, according to Meizu.

Maybe flyme 5 will be on the next meizu’s phone


Defenitly! It never has been different. MX introduced Flyme 1, MX2 Flyme 2, MX3 Flyme 3 and MX4 Flyme 4. So why Meizu would change that?

Maybe because with Mx4 pro there isnt no new version, MX4 PRO flyme 5, also M1 Note. 2 flagship that deserve flyme 5 :)


MX3 also needs to get it. At least theoretically (duration of support).

Yes, right. Dreaming doesnt have a price [emoji14]. I’ve tried a Galaxy S5 with KitKat and lollipop and there’s an huge difference!! Lollipop really fast and look very nice, hope Meizu will modify a little bit flyme’s interface


The difference between Lollipop and KitKat is minimal. It really is.

The only new thing is ART, but honestly, it is not an improvement at all, just a few miliseconds.

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