Some MX4 problems.

Hi. Im having some problems with my Meizu… Maybe u guys can help me.

  1. Can we change the color of the notification light?

  2. Heat - after playing any game for more than 5 minutes the phone get very warm and the game freezes(!) and needs to be closed. This is really annoying, any solution ?

  3. After clicking some video links from Facebook - I can’t watch the video in full screen although I do click the fullscreen button.

I have even more but I can’t remember atm… thank you!

  1. Maybe a Xposed Module can.

  2. Reinstall firmware/ upgrade firmware.

  3. Could be firmware issue too, whats your version?

What do you mean by reinstalling firmware? How can I do it?
Im sorry im new with Android…
thanks man! :)

Me too with the damn videos problem!! Since i ve bought the phone, the videos don’t start or they stop while watching. I’m going crazy, no one has a solution

Which Flyme version
Are you currently using?

Im using

Ok, I tried to upgrade from the update file located in Documents.
But when I enter the Documents folder I can still see the Upgrade icon. Is it ok ?

What is the Xposed Module ? thanks

for the notification LED, Try XLED from the play store.
Maybe it will work on your MX4 Pro


I actually think the led diode is white only… but I don’t know for sure.

@‘samanen’ said:

I actually think the led diode is white only… but I don’t know for sure.

I also think it’s only white but, maybe it is possible to animate such different ways regarding to the type of notification
(missed call, email, sms, other …)

lets see

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