T9 dialer

I recently bought the meizu mx4.
I use a international rom but it doesn’t support t9 dialing in my language (Hebrew).
It does support English t9.
How can I modify the dialer to add the Hebrew language to the t9 search?


Phew… Don’t really think there is a way. Maybe you can find a workarround at least with a 3rd party app.

But may I know whats your current firmware version?

In Samsung I simply decompiled dailer apk and tweaked it (with a manual from xda)

Guess you could try :)

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My firmware is
I would try to tweak the dialer, I don’t care about the Hebrew letters on the numbers, I just want to get the t9 search working.
Rotem can you give me a link to the xda guide you used?

XPOSED module didn’t seem to work.
Dialer can be decompiled. Might look into it later.

I decompiled 5 different apk’s that I thought would be related to the t9 dialer, searched in the stings.xml files but I didn’t find nothing.
Maybe it’s in the framework-res file?

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