Urgent help

Guys I need your help.
Tried to flash Flyme 3.7.3 international (my mx2 is HK 64gb) from 2.5.2
Copied update.zip to root, boot in recovery and flash with clear data, like always do.
Firmware flashed and not restart, just back to upgrade screen. I tried to flash again and somewhere in the proces there was screen to erase drive (with the question did I already backed up my pics, music etc) or something like that.
Now I ended in the boot loop with blue circle.
Tried to connect in recovery to computer but on one computer there is usb error message (or device m040 but dont recognized as memory) an on another its recognized as google glaxy nexus ADB Interface.
Now I cant turn it off, and I afraid that when its empty it all over.
Please help me. My phone is month old and I dont want to beleve that its finished.


Hold Volume Up and then press power till it force shut downs. Then you will be able to boot into the recovery and successfully connect it.

No worries though.

Tried several thimes. Its not problem to go in to recovery
Always bring me back to classic recovery and dont recognize phone like recovery drive. Always like above mentioned.

And if a tried to install it again there is message firmware not found and classic “copy the update.bin to the root directory of you device”



let it stay in the recovery first. The phone can shut down. In the meanwhile you should try to get another PC or uninstall the current drivers for the phone.

Tried but there no drivers on the computer (i never connected it to these 3 mentioned Copmuters). I dont now how to shut down phone. If I hold power button it just restarts.
Is it maybe problem in the recovery. When i flashed flyme 2.5.2 rom the recovery vent to chinese, an back to english when i flashed 3.7.3I.
Is somewhere in the recovery say “copy the update.bin to recovery drive” or its always
"copy the update.bin to the root directory of you device"?


If you have a CN device and flashed an international firmware you might have a problem.

And please just boot it into the recovery. If Windows claims a driver issue something is wrong on your PC’s end.

Thank you AOKP! You were right all along. It took time to find computer that see it like recovery drive (number 5 is the lucky number :) ) without messing with the drivers.
Installed flyme 3.5.1 CN
I got some questions just to be on the safe side for later:

1. My device is international, and I flashed CN firmware, is it safe to flash back int. firmware?
2. Is it better to copy file to root of the drive and then flash or copy throught recovery?
3. Can I flash update.zip throught recovery (because it was always say copy update.bin to root)
4. Is CN firmware better than int. and what vesion of Flyme 3 you recommend as best, stable 3.7.3, 3.8.5A or…?

I must thank to all of you good people (AOKP first, he was always there) and to this forum for all your help!!!


No problem. I had many driver issues before as well, so ;)

1.You can do so, but on A firmwares you get updates faster and have the benefit of free music downloads.

2.Doesn’t really matters. However I prefer to do upgrades over the recovery.

3.If it’s a HK device it can, no matter which firmware you are using.

4. 3.8.5A. The version doesn’t really matters in Flyme 3. In 4, CN firmwares you’ve got free music, but no Google Services (can be installed by one click), while HK/International devices have no free music downloads but Google Services.

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