MX4 not reading sim card

Hi, good evening. (California time)
So I recently bought 2 MX4’s, the first one was international version, 16GB gold. My brother loved it so I gave it to him and ordered a new one in grey, 32GB. It arrived Friday and I was extremely happy. I found out it’s the Chinese version, I’m not sure what that means. When I put in my sim card, it’s not reading it. My questions are: Does the sim card need to be activated in order to read it? And is it not reading it because it’s the Chinese version? Do I need to install anything for it to work? Is there a fix or do I just have to send it back and order a international one? Or could something be possible wrong with the sim card slot that is not reading anything? Thanks in advance, your help is very appreciated.


Get a uSIM 128/256. This should do the trick.

Hello, thanks for replying. So pretty much I have to buy a sim card adapter or another sim?


Another SIM. The chip is another type. So contact your provider and ask him for new cards. Generally they do it as some sort of service and exchange them for free.

I have a same problem with my meizu m1


Same procedure then. Get a new uSIM.

As AOKP said ,get a new sim card from your carrier/operator
If the sim card issues started after you upgraded,then downgrade to previous firmware and check if the not reading sim card issue is still present.

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I still have the same problem j expects the new versiin Flyme A no solutions for the moment I have tired

Have you solved your problem

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