30% loss of battery over night and recent apps bar

Hello, I would like to ask you if it`s normal loss 30% of the battery over night. Usually it takes about 10%. I don’t know why it suddenly takes this much. Also i recently download soundhub app which allows you to get more control over your sound settings, but when it’s enabled i can’t show recent apps. When i disable it in the settings it works again. Anybody with solution? My firmware is Soundhub isn’t the priority, i wonder about the battery. ![](http://<a href=)Thanks!
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ofcourse it’s not normal. I usually lose around 4% in a night of a 8 hour sleep.
You should check which apps keep your phone awake or whatnot. Also I noticed that another thing that keeps the phone awake for a long time is the syncs.

Facebook and Messenger=Battery Drain

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