Using Groups in Contacts

I’m not able to send an SMS to a Group of Contacts. There is no way to choos a Group instead of a single contact. Any idea how to do it?

Do you know one worth trying it?


GoSMS is not that bad. However better check the Playstore, maybe you find an app which suits you better.

Thx, and as the ad says: There is nothing like trying. So I spent some more time in trying to find the feature I’m searching for, and in the end I found it. But the behavior is not the way I’m used to. When you open an existing contact tipping on the icon of the contact, you can create a new group or add the contact to an existing group - so far so good. When it comes to write an SMS to a whole group there is no tab that gives you a list of your groups, from which to choose, but you have to search the group by name like a single contact. So, the basic functionality is there, but the usability needs to be improved.;)

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