For sale: MX3 32Gb + accessories

I’m selling my slightly over a year old MX3. It’s the 32Gb (=has NFC) HK (international) version and currently runs CN firmware (but of course can run both HK and CN).

It has had a screen protector since day one, so it has absolutely 0 scratches on screen. About 6 months ago I switched to a tempered glass screen protector which still in pretty good condition so I’ll leave it on. Alongside with the glass screen protector I got a Noreve leather case, worth around 50euro, but it’s in a well-used condition as you can see in the pictures. Metal bezel has some reeeally light marks of use.

Two plastic back covers included: the original white one which is pretty scratched, and a brand new replacement back cover in bright red color (not as high quality but does the job). Comes with an EU plug charger and the charger’s USB cable is badly worn (I’m not sure if it works, I never used it), I’ll include an extra USB cable for just a buck if you need one. So overall it’s in a very good condition, has been working flawlessly all the time and battery life is ok for a day with night charging routine. Comes with original box with charger, Noreve leather wallet case, glass screen protector (applied) and an extra back cover. Go on and place your bid, best offer takes the cake!

Pictures, click here to see each in full resolution:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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