FDD-Lte Versions

Some stores offer a version of the m1 note that only has fdd-lte 1800,2100mhz and other stores offer a fdd-lte 1800,2100,2600mhz version. Is it correct that there are two fdd-lte versions of the phone, of which only the one has 2600mhz?

No, its not correct. Only the fdd version with two fdd frequency is available

has Meizu announced a FDD only version to be released in the future?

Are you a 100% sure about this. Many of the known online retailers from China offer the phone with fdd 1800,2100,2600mhz…

Until now there is only one version (unicom version) which supports fdd lte with two frequency. Maybe later they will release an international version. But the fdd version which you can buy now has definitely only two lte bands which you can use in Europe.

Ok, that is very unfortunate as I cannot buy this phone than. It is just weird that pretty much every second retailer advertises the phone to have 3 frequencies. Thanks for the advice

There are actually 3 version of the m1 note of which 2 are TD LTE + FDD LTE

one has 3G WCDMA and one EVDO


I asked one of the online vendors to send me a picture of the box specifying B1 B3 and B7 all as FDD-LTE… no reply!

the m1 note is not yet in meizumart so I hope it will be tehre soon with an internation FDD LTE version as the MX4

Can anyone confirm that this version can receive 4G signal at 800mhz as the specs on that site claim to? Never seen that before.


Don’t buy from fastcardtech. Otherwise I won’t be able to confirm anything, because they often ship bullshit.

Hello i have a meizu m1 note and i have a problem with sim 1 no 3g 4g only the sim 2 since one week please help le what i do i have the last flyme

@‘AOKP’ said:

Don’t buy from fastcardtech. Otherwise I won’t be able to confirm anything, because they often ship bullshit.

Lol, right to the point!

Does anyone know if the LTE works with TMobile in the USA?

I don’t think that LTE will work in the USA on T-Mobile or AT&T.

The USA LTE bands are not present.

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I don’t want to open a new thread so does anyone know a) When the snap 615 version will become available and b) What 4G bands that version supports?

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