Updated to and apps keep oin crashing!

Hi, not long ago i updated to and at first i was very happy but for some reason some apps just crash for no reason and the phone sometimes freezes.
Poweramp for example workes for some time after installing, but after a while starts to crash again and again. I then reinstall but after some time it just starts again.
Sometimes i get a message-
"Faild to load Poweramp- Youre using Poweramp Intel sdition on a nonIntel (x86) device. This can cause crashes due to the native libraries mismatch. Please instal Poweramp ARM Edition without 860 prefix.

Facebook app crashes
Virel Pro crashes
and the stock keyboard keeps on poping up instead of swipe app.

Any Ideas?

Yoni Bliss


Did you install poweramp from Playstore??

yes i did

Downloading from playsore but updating I see is down by the Chinese app store.

Not having much luck with this update. Nothing on my phone seems stable, crashing, freezing, rebooting Ect. Do you think I should go back to the old version? If possible. It seems that since the update nothing works smoothly. Shame I like the new version.

And the battery drains much quicker.

Backup everything what’s important and reinstall the FW with “clear data” selected as based on your description there are obviously many conflicts from previous installation. This will fix all the problems.

Sorry for my ignorance but what’s FL and how’s it done.

FW? Firmware/software :D

Ok seem to work fine.

Can anyone help and tell me where to update from, the play store or the Meizu app market. Updates are being offered by both.


Doesn’t really matters. I would go for Playstore since it updates specialized on your region.

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