Some questions abuot m1 note

I want to buy m1 note,but i have some questions:
1- is there an option for recording calls in stock rom or is that possible to use another app like “CallRecorder”?
2- the phone has not “back” and “menu” key, for “back” action we can slide up home button but what about “menu”?
3- is “Xposed framework” works without problem? (for example i want to add virtual button bar with “gravitybox” or use “gesture navigation” and … that is so useful)


1. Yes. It is stock Meizu FlymeOS feature
2. Usually Menu button will appear as overflow menu. Or you can use the SmartBar. Or Install Something like Floating Soft Keys from PlayStore…
3. Xposed works fine. There might be some compatibility issues when using Xposed modules to theme the UI (It is due to how Xposed works basically)

Thank you so much, one another question:
Do you or anyone else has tried MTK Droid Tool to backup stock rom? Restoring done properly?

You can NOT backup/readback via Mtk Droid Tools or backup using Sp Flaash Tool ,
because Flyme partiotions are different from other MTK devices.

Using SP Flash Tool or MTKDroidTools on Meizus Flyme you will only hard-brick the device :)

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