App Candy Crush problem

Hello , i have a little problem with Candy Crush game on my mx4 with flyme os
(with flyme os have same problem) . I have another 2 friends with same problem. When i launch Candy Crush, the screen freeze 10seconds and after application crush. Can anyone help me ? Thanks.


Me too but didn’t care cus the game is crap anyway. [GRINNING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]

I managed to play the game by downloading from meizu’s game center but the version provided there is too old resulting in having only 545 levels.Please forward to meizu software development to find a solution.

Just found that version is working.It is 3 versions before the last one but is working at least.

P.S Sorry for uploading link from another website

Works for me, thanks a lot flxas.

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