Which is the best carrier for the Meizu MX4?

Hi, I’m new to having a Meizu. I got mine last week, but I can’t connect it to either of my current carriers so I have to switch to a new one. I live in the States, California to be exact. I’m aware I won’t be able to get 4G on it. But I want to know if I can connect to any carrier at all here in the states. Thanks in advance.


Actually the MX4 should work flawlessly in the US. Sure your carrier works fine? And the phone is undamaged?

I’m 99% sure that you can connect to all carriers but as you said, MX4 doesn’t support the u.s. bands for 4g.


Try changing the APNs in the settings. You’ll probably need to Google your carrier’s APNs 1st…

I currently have Sprint, which only runs CDMA phones, the phone is brand new, haven’t even used it. Guess I’ll have to try a carrier who runs GSM phones.

Yeah CDMA is a different technology altogether. That’ll be why it doesn’t work.

Hi, thanks. I figured since it’s unlocked it would possibly work, considering my current phones have a micro sim and my current carrier supports them, oh well. I’ll try a different carrier and see how the 3G works on the phone.

Mx 4 will work in the U.S on gsm carriers like:
AT&T ,T-Mobile,Straight Talk,Simple Mobile and all other gsm MVNO that are running on At&t and t mobile gsm towers …

It will not work on cdma carriers like Sprint,Verizon etc.

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Im in the US and have att without issue.

Thanks for your help! Deeply appreciated! I’ll be connecting it today on AT&T, let’s see how everything goes! :D

att customer service reps probably wont be any help. Write down att apn before heading to the store.

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