The Best ROM for Music

Hello you :)

Here I’m french (sorry for my english made in google translation), but I’m a huge music fan and I own a beats pill xl and earphone Moxpad X3 and wanted to know what was the best among all the Roma available bones Flyme 3/4
I await your opinion forward.


Sorry for the Beats though.

I personally would say that both drivers are on the same level. However the only thing which is annoying at Flyme 4 is that it is more silent than 3.

Yes I noticed that Flyme Os 4 had a lower sound Flyme Os 3. more I find the equalizer, is not of good quality trees and is active when there is a significant decrease sound, which ca am bluetooth or via the jack, and I do not know if it can be replaced by another, and if so, by what.

The best unmodded FW for music is most probably the Flyme 3.6.1A

Personally I’am using Flyme 4.0.5A with lib (system/lib/hw) and soundfx from Flyme 3.6.1A. With this combo the audio output is powerful like never before, but the downsize is that with headphones plugged-in, the stock music player no longer can adjust the volume (either mute or full volume), but if you care for EQing and SQ, you are gonna be using poweramp anyway, which works perfectly. At the moment I’am listening to Bulletproof by Doctor P with my portable JVCs S500 at roughly 30% vol, cause at 50% it’s already above my comfortable listening levels. :)

I’am courious though what made the Meizu to lower the output in newer FWs? As far as I know they don’t have to comply with EU regulations. Or did they simply started using generic libs for compatibility reasons? Kinda lousy move I should say.

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