Yes or no?
Meizu m2 note

@‘ukicar’ said:

announcement for tomorrow? … or just bad marketing …

nothing from these 2 you say.

they post in social media screenshots how flyme envolved since flyme 1.

yes, I know …
This post (post on g+) is just to draw attention to us that Meizu exist on g + … post without a specific reason … because of that this is a bad marketing for Meizu… in my eyes.


No. “Tomorrow” can also mean “the future”, in these cases - and it’s obvious every company have their plans for the future.

It’s pretty dumb to assume tomorrow actually means tomorrow. This is normal English and it’s not meant to fool anyone. It’s no bad marketing unless you want to misunderstand the message.

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ok … I get it … I hope that they will not use strategy of OPO…

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