Problem with 3G/4G

Hi everyone,
I have ordered a M1 Note from and i can only have “E” signal in data, not 3G neither 4G (in Europe). How can i understand if i have the FDD LTE or the TDD LTE version ? cause the site is not responding quickly because of the chinese new year, and it’s now written which of these two versions are sold.
Here is the link if you want to check out yourselves—White-339709.html

I suppose that you bought wrong version…or the seller send wrong phone. Check in settings what version of Flyme OS you have. It should be

Actually i have … I upgraded it a couple of days ago, but i don’t remember the first version ! is for China Mobile so sorry but it is wrong version, not working in Europe…Write mail to seller and ask what he can do. You or he made mistake.

The upgrade was by OTA? or by

Is any possibility that you flash wrong zip? But in other case it should work…Strange. In my opinion problem is in hardware, not in software…
Always you can flash zip file for Flyme OS
I don’t have any ideas what next.

You can NOT install (U)Unicom firmware on ©China Mobile Meizu device or vice versa.

Sorry to inform you Dude,but you bought the wrong m1 note version/variant.
You should have bought Unicom version/variant.

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Thank you guys for your help. You have been deaply healpful :)

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