Screen Resolution

When you play YouTube and open options for the selection screen resolution only find the highest is 720p Why:@


Use the search function, there was another thread about it.

I searched but did not find … Is it possible to show me it

This picture of the problem

Why rant about this in Meizu forum when the problem is with YOUTUBE APP and not the phone? I have the same problem with note 4 and sometimes 1080/1440p came up but after some update now it never shows up.


Actually I am asking myself if the video you were watching @promanaiwa supports 1080p.

Many videos only have 720p resolution.

@AOKP doesn’t matter, I even tried 4k videos and only 720p shows up on both my Meizu mx4 pro and dads galaxy note 4.
I remember when he got his note 4 there was 1440p on compatible videos but after youtube updated their app 720p is the max, some people reported that after the most recent update of the app they got 1440p again on their note 4 but others didn’t and my dad also doesnt get it.
For some reason youtube has problems with high res videos on mobile.
Edit : My Ipad also is limited to 720p.
Actually it makes sense for them to limit it to 720p on mobile devices since there is no point of watching it on higher res on such small screen devices and it saves them A LOT OF BANDWITH which saves them money.

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