How to disable swipe up unlock screen?

guys im new to meizu , i wanted to ask how can i disable to unlock my screen by swipeing up and locking it by holding down on the home button i dont rly need it so can u help me … also is there a way i cna kill tasks cuz i am use to holding dow the home button and then killing them on the meizu idk how to any help … using the mx4 btw …


I don’t think you really can change that. Except with a 3rd party lockscreen. And to kill your tasks simply swipe up from the bottom of the device.

I found how to turn off the swipe up unlock screen but thanks :D

Settings ->Accessibility - >gesture wakeup
You can disable it or change it to different action, I have it set to unlock by double tap and go to camera from sleep by drawing circle.
Edit : oh you found it :)

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