B4 i buy m1 note, please enlighten me

Hi Guys i have a huge problem on my iphone as i cant stick to LTE. I cant use data on 3G because its so slow. so i prefer one bar of LTE because its very fast.

now the question is

will i be able to stick to LTE only with m1 note? is there a setting to do it?


If you’re in a area where LTE signal is weak or there is no LTE signal in that area,
The phone will automatically switch to 3g or Edge.

On Meizu you can set up LTE Only
But if you are in an area where LTE is not available,
the phone will say no service because it is set on LTE Only mode.
If it is set to gsm/wcdma/lte auto it will switch to 3G when you’re in an area where LTE is not available.

Iphone is set to default-auto when on LTE,
and you can’t select Lte only,which is a good thing I think,
because if you have weak LTE signal it will drain the battery.

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^ so how can you select LTE only on meizu m1 note? is there an option in the settings?

yeah LTE is weak but i want it because 3g is useless in our area, only LTE is fast as regards to data even if its one bar only.

You install advanced signal status from play store
Or dial *#*#4636#*#* go to phone information and select LTE Only from the drop down menu

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