Open source development

Is there any announce about open source?
There is a chance for it? Does somebody talk about it?

In my opinion open source will expand by far the development of the device and the purchases…

But, is there any chance?..

I was hoping that since they(meizu) went international. They would become more friendly towards the open source community. But it seems not or not yet.
How ever, I actually find flyme pretty good, it has almost all the options I used on my nexus 4 custom roms.
But open source kernel would be nice for optimisation’s and options (under clocking)

Open source would be really great. However I bought this phone because of the software in the first place so I’m not going to complain if it doesn’t become reality. I love Flyme and bought the phone knowing I will probably never be able to flash anything else on it. Would really want a custom kernel though. It does not feel optimized.

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I’m really liking Flyme as well. After a few months now I’ve really taken to it, but yeah, custom kernels would REALLY make this thing shine. Not too fussed about using other ROMs, just want a kernel I can overclock.


Even if meizu decides to go opensource, MX4 might not get much… Mediatek seems to have manufacturers using their chipsets under some kind of no disclosure agreement…
Even the compamies like Sony have not uploaded completely buildable kernels for their mediatek devices…

Mediatek will only release or give their source code for money.

They don’t give a rats a** about GPL so far.

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Thanks for the answers! Very sad to hear this news but the flyme isn’t so bad… When I bought this phone I didn’t knew that he doesn’t have open source development or a custom rom I thought that it will have cm or something… But again the flyme isn’t so bad even I’m issuing some crashes… But it will fix in the next versions

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