Help mx4 restart

MX4 restart does not enter the download mode

meizi remains in the boot logo


Are you in a bootloop?

Meizu MX4

You cannot access to download mode when you do Volume Up+On Button ?

does not boot

@‘GreyGhost’ said:

Bir bootloop mısınız?

How it is made


Boot into recovery with Vol up+ power button.
And select clear data.

If that fails then download firmware and copy it to the recovery partition and update with clear data.

does not boot. meizu logo restart


You have to hold down vol up+ power when it is restarting… It will take a few tries to get the timing right…
Then you will enter recovery mode…

How exactly did you end up in a boot loop?

does not enter into recovery mode


Try again. It takes a few tries.

First push Volume Up button, then hold the power button for at least 8 seconds.

And by the way, no double posting and english only on the forums.

I tried doing the same just restart again 50 times

Think it is a troll.

What did you do to the phone? Need information.

Playstore traveler’s also closed after I installed the IBM program, and opening the boot menu provided audio + power does not come

Sorry I’m not much good english translation

I have the same problem, the phone don enter in recovery mode only appear the meizu logo and the pc not recognise the phone

Did you find the solution

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