Slow download spead & no CAPS LOCK on keyboard???

Hi everyone!

Does anyone else have the same problems as I have ?

The first is that when downloading something like an update or theme or installing apps from meizu app store the download speed is very slow and fluctuates alot - from slow, very slow, down to dial up speeds from 1998 :-/???
(Worried about the files being corrupt/degradated due to doggy download speeds, especially when updating the firmware!

The second one is very annoying when typing and you want to type something in big letters aka (capital_letters ABCD)_ i can not lock caps on stock keyboard. I try pressing, double pressing, holding the up arrow key on keyboard but then only the first letter of the word is in caps the rest of the word is in small leters? Is there any way to fix that, maybe some settings I could toggle without installing a custom keyboard from GooglePlay?

I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me some feedback on those issues.

1.speed can be lower than usual because their servers are probably in china. Fluctuation in speed will not increase the risk of file being corrupt.
2. double tap enables caps lock tho i prefer swiftkey since stock meizu is kinda shit atleast for me

Thank you Martynas, double taps works!! Used to holding/long pressing on other devices I have!!!
As for the download speeds hope Meizu sets up some kind of mirroring service for the servers and a semi translated app/theme store. But I am grateful for all the OTA updates to the firmware Meizu puts out, my last phone from LG (and last phone I wil buy from LG ever again) was updated only once in 15 moths and only bloatware apps who came preinstalled on the phone not the firmware itself. Love my MX pro!!!

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