Pre installed apps

hi guys,
Is there any way to uninstall the preinstalled apps
Such as life on the last update or usim??


If it can’t be uninstalled like normal apps then the only way would be to root and then uninstall them…

The phone its rooted but i dont know how to uninstall them…can u tell me how?

If your phone is rooted, there are some apps on the Play Store that can help you do that.
Otherwise, you can do it manually with apps like ES File Explorer, or any other root explorer. From the root, these apps are located in system/apps.


Be warned that uninstalling system apps can at times have unwanted effects. So backup first.

There are quite a few apps which you can use to uninstall them. ES file manager definitely does (menu - > library - >Apps)
Others like titanium backup will let you too i think…
Or if you want to do it manually just delete the apk from the system directories…

I’d recommend to use Root Uninstaller and freeze the unnecessary apps, it has the same effect and you can unfreeze them in case there is a problem.

This (highlighted in red) is what i froze and didn’t cause me any issues:

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