No GPS fix

Hello! I though that meizu MX4 would be the best phone, but i can’t fix my meizu to GPS… And more, it seems that FasterGPS ans FasterFix can’t work… What’s the problem?

I have the same device.

My GPS works excellent.

I’m not rooted and I don’t use any GPS fixes or tweaks.

I just installed google services.
Go to google settings/location and enabled location for all google location services and everything is just perfect.

The GPS test is made inside my apartment.
Outside the GPS signal is much better and it gets and locks more satellites when I’m outside.

(I’m using Flyme and I live in
South Europe though)

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Nope, still not working…

Your GPS works fine.
You phone sees 12 satellites.
You can NOT always lock gps satellites when you’re indoor .

In order to LOCK GPS you must go outside.
Go outside when the sky is clear and test again.

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The fact is that it’s done outside, and it can’t fix…

That’s weird because I get a pretty accurate fix even inside my apartment and not all phones I’ve had have been able to do that.

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Ok, I had my first fix! In Thailand… I’m french…

You mean that you are in France at the moment? :D

Well no. I was in Thailand during vacations, and it seemed to work, but now that I’m back in France, the problem is still there. I think that meizu’s GPS is made for Asia and not for Europe.

I’ve seen many people using it in Europe without a problem, I lock fine in Russia… although you can’t call it Europe…
I don’t know what to say… for sure there is a problem, but not sure if it’s software or hardware one. I believe you should return the phone or whatnot… this is definitely not normal.

I don’t understand about what GPS problem it is talking here, but I used my mx4 in Lithuania, Ireland, Northern Ireland with no problems. Two different programs, with Europe maps, with and without charging, and no problems found at all. My opinion it is hardware problem. I guess you bought it from China, not the France?

Mine MX4 is “Chinese”-China Unicom and I don’t have GPS issues with it at all.
(i have two mx4 though,the other one is China Mobile M460 and it also locks GPS satellites flawlessly)

I was on a “road trip” with it.
It lock just fine In Southern Europe/Balkans,Germany,Austria,
Egypt,Tunis,Maroco,Spain etc etc.

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