Sms problem!

I’ve encounterd a serious problem for me. There is such thing as a sms report, wich is paid. On the popular phones like Samsung you can find a setting for this that you can turn off and on, but on my m1 note I have no clue where to find this setting. I pay like 0.01 euro every sms I send and that is not pleasant. Any ideas on this? Anyone else had this prob? Or as I can see we need to wait for an update like m1 has right now?


Delivery report you mean?
Messages - > Settings -> Delivery report

I can’t find this option.

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as sad as it might seem but my m1 note doesn’t have this option

any ideas guys? this is a serious one… any of m1 owners having this?

no I dont have this on my M1 note FDD-LTE but I dont get any delivery report

Damn, this is really sad. Can’t find the solution.

u can use another sms application like go sms

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