Any thoughts on Lollipop?

Any ideas or thoughts on M1’s being on lollipop? Are there any articles on that or we need to wait? Because I’ve read about MX3s and 4s getting it, but nothing on M1.


Normally I’d expect Meizu to bring latest updates to all still-updated/supported devices (and the M1 obviously should be one), but the “Note” being the lower-end device of Meizu, no one knows how much Meizu can afford to put time, effort and money into it. However my wild guess is Meizu will bring Lollipop to M1 as well as MX3 and later MX’s.

If the marketing department of Meizu is working a little, they will update " lollipop" soon after the update for MX4 and MX4 pro.

M1 Note is the most selling phone of the Company, for example if they are selling 100 phones of 480 dollars( Mx4 pro) and 400 phones form 200 dollars (M1 Note) is almost the same, right? If you look the financial side of the things.
The quantity always is important .

But we don’t have forget this is only my opinion, what the people from Meizu think nobody knows.:P

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