New Meizu MX4 Pro 32GB for Sale

I am selling/trading my new Meizu MX4 Pro 32GB Grey with tempered screen protector on it, box, usb cable, wall charger, Mofi Flip leather case as I am planning to get a new laptop.

Swaps are available so give me your best offers.

Here is the link where I am selling it as I cannot post pictures here as it is ‘too big’ :

How much do you want for it?

@‘donwuan’ said:

How much do you want for it?

Never mind clicked on ad. Wow.

You can always give me offers :L … that’s the max I want for it

Any interest in mx4(16gb). Only phone + cash?

Z3 plus cash your way.

@donwuan no thanks, but thanks for offering

@boober78 i pm’ed you

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