YouTube and other video streaming hiccups

Does anyone else experience any hiccups when streaming video in browser or apps like YouTube, twitch etc?
Basically what happens is for example in YouTube when I play a video it hangs randomly (faster on high res videos) but in the time line it shows that I had way more than enough video for it to continue (what I’m saying is that it can happen even if yt preloaded even like 5mins in the future so it’s not bandwidth problem) then when it hangs the video stops, I get the loading icon spinning and the video resumes but in the time line it shows that all the future preloaded video is gone and it starts downloading it again from the point where it resumed.

I’m on latest stable version of the software but I remember this happening on too.
I tested on the same network another phone (moto g) and my laptop and this never happens.

I have the same problem, I don’t know why :/

I get the same. The progress at the bottom shows that it has downloaded a lot more and yet it gets stuck. I have tried on other phones, even much slower phones and they do not get stuck. I have tried un-installing Youtube and installing again. No luck. I also tried options like “disable HW overlays” and “Enforced GPU rendering” - still no luck.

Any ideas anyone?

Ah I’m dumb I googled the problem instead of checking on here, sorry for the other topic then.
Hopefully Meizu will implement a fix, because that means we can’t buffer any video :/ We’d have to like watch it in real time and that’s not possible.

OK so possible solution is
Open up stock browser and go to YouTube website
In the browsers settings set the device mode from MX to iPad(this is to be able to change resolution to HD)
Open up a video, it display the video in a shirty player, to get proper player pinch into the player and it will open up the video in HD in stock meizu player this will also allow to watch youtube in small window on top of other apps

Somebody test if this helps

It still does it but less often I think, thank you anyway :).

Same here and that trick doesn´t really work either… Meizu has to fix it soon, especially since we don´t have any problems like this on the MX4 at all.

I am still getting this problem. Anyone found a fix to see high quality video on YouTube and get rid of the lag? Is definitely not down to download speed, as other mobiles work fine.

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