Flyme OS stable (MX4)


  • Pop reminder not to add new names to save new contacts.
  • Add Click notification bar contact details of functionality into the human head.
  • Optimization of emergency dial pad UI.
  • Contact Search optimization rules.
  • Click optimized missed call notification bar avatar interaction.
  • Optimal adjustment of the call interface background settings, fit third-party themes.
  • Call records come after repairing electrical interface will have two call detail records of the problem.


  • Fully optimized SMS service number, covering 100+ commercial enterprises, 1000+ certified SMS numbers, providing 30+ living services.
  • New third-party applications allow you to set the default SMS application.
  • Top features new unread messages no longer miss any piece of information.
  • Additional information on the interception record increase in the “More” button to view the details of the intercepted information.
  • New SMS delivery report switch.
  • Additional information on the details of the latest information session from another device if the synchronization mark is displayed.
  • Code optimization bomb box.
  • Click on the notification bar to optimize the interaction of unread messages Avatar.
  • Smart SMS stop running repair problems.


  • Added bulk delete call records function, from the call log list Long press to activate the call log multiple choice, delete operations.
  • New call log “Send SMS” “Save number” “Filter number” “Remarks Number” and other routine operations.
  • New Contact details Show number attribution.
  • Increased number of new filter “delete call records” option.
  • New contact list displays the letter from the Permanent navigation.
  • Add more contact numbers highlighted last call number.
  • New call records details of the latest call from another device if the synchronization mark is displayed.
  • Optimize multiple numbers of main contact number logic.
  • Optimized interface logic reset page after phone records outgoing calls from the search results.


  • Optimized cleanup rules are applied: turns off all the background processes of non-self-start applications when cleaning multitasking.

Suspension Ball

  • New suspension ball features, support for custom gestures and transparency.

Notification bar

  • Added Flyme theme switching, theme material notification bar switch button without having to restart to take effect (before you need to restart to see the effect).
  • Notification bar network optimization mode switching function.

Lock screen

  • Even now the phone is locked to repair problems.
  • Repair the lock screen even now return key issues.

Domestic services

  • New life service applications, so you drink in one hand and grasp. Include food, movies and other essential service life, with a minimum of cost and give you the ultimate experience.
  • Show business information.
  • Movie tickets online reservations.
  • Buy buy orders: food, leisure, hotels and so on.
  • Time Scene Services recommended.

Set up

  • New Disturb function.
  • New driver assistance functions.
  • Added data backup and recovery capabilities. Then do not worry about losing data Brush, now supports local backup contacts, call history, text messages, settings, applications and application data and images.
  • Added “sound and vibration” adding ringtones crescendo switch.
  • Added new gesture wake slide around (switch songs) switch.
  • Added “Right slide lock screen” function switch, from open-demand.
  • When optimizing automatic shutdown no vibration, no vibration during sleep.
  • Optimization “blur” switch, to provide third gear blur for selection.
  • After the repair open voice broadcast calls driving mode, when a contact calls the phone will automatically open question silent mode.
  • Select a video album will complain of problems to repair backup data.

Security Center

  • Security Center code refactoring to improve stability.
  • New traffic widget on the desktop, not into the Security Center, also always know the traffic usage;
  • New traffic system applications switch, destroy privilege.
  • Added new garbage cleanup cleanup process and back-office services, with those long-term potential to completely break up the background of the application.
  • Added regular cleaning, sustainment phone clean.
  • New applications under WLAN networking switch.
  • New daily flow charts to see the daily traffic usage.
  • Added caching system can selectively clean up trash.
  • Added to clean up large files in the file path, the source application, time and other auxiliary information.
  • New traffic control and management over the functionality of the application is not consumed traffic.
  • Since the start of the new application whitelist.
  • Streamline security permissions and privacy rights copywriting.
  • After entering each module repair Security Center Back Home, click Security Center error when traffic management issues.


  • New songs song identification, support knowledge song and sing songs knowledge song.
  • New player interface is sliding volume control can be triggered.
  • Open new song files from the document folder, a folder can play all the songs in the playlist and displays.
  • New circle of friends to share the micro-channel music can play.
  • Add new songs for the local alphabet navigation interface.
  • Added audition rate selection function.
  • Added senior member of a third-party key upgrade low-quality music sound folder function.
  • Non-destructive identification of new songs, listen and download easy selection based on quality.
  • You can add a single new song singles Recommended reason, stories to share music with partners.
  • Added subscribed channels supports synchronization to the cloud, for a cell phone is not afraid to throw.
  • Added “When using the mobile network Reminder” option, the next move data to decide whether or not to remind you.
  • New song single song sequencing.
  • Click on the cover of the new mini player interface can pause / play songs, original Pause / Play button to modify for the next one.
  • Optimized default display two folders directory, allows you to add a subdirectory.
  • When selecting an embedded optimization allows you to edit the cover songs.
  • Stop Move player interface timing optimization.
  • Switching Caton page optimization problem.
  • Optimized folder entry merge to local music.
  • After repairing the suspension turned the ball curved screen displays identify songs IOUs.
  • WIFI and open at the same time repairing GPRS, after closing WIFI Click “Convert high quality” sporadic crashes.
  • Repair channel management interface, long press after float adjustment order of the columns, there are two sections of the same problem.
  • Repair download management interface check is being downloaded task, bottom bar pause button gray set of problems.
  • Repair the problem after the music stops running even now insert the SIM card.
  • Repair returned from another application that is playing list shows the spectrum of the problem.


  • New “Look” channel, interesting original short video “roll” forward looking.
  • Added auto-play video details page setup options.
  • Added DLNA playback video, hidden floating window switch.
  • Add video to add wireless projection function, put the video playback screen but can also operate other tasks on the phone.
  • New video details related to the page recommendation function.
  • New details page history prompted increased player has played before home video list is displayed in gray.
  • Optimization of online video player can be rotated automatically switch the screen anyway with the phone.
  • Optimized suspension continued to optimize multi-window scenes experience.
  • Optimized video playback cache logic, ensuring seamless playback of online video and cached video convergence.
  • Optimal adjustment of the local new collection logic.
  • Personal Center interface optimized vision.


  • New Mirror self-timer function.
  • Added square pattern entry and exit transition animation.
  • New scan code results page (merchandise, books) mark from the Smart Snap.
  • New camera scan code allows users to quickly log dimensional code scanning center.
  • Beauty optimal adjustment process.
  • Even when the issue is now stuck repair US video camera application.
  • Slow motion mode to repair the flash does not shine even now open question.


  • New smart set wallpaper function.
  • New albums were local Chinese Notes.
  • Added to fog, haze to two filters.
  • New gallery to increase the recognition of barcodes and 2D codes pictures.
  • New wallpaper fuzzy transition animation.
  • Added automatic notification bar shows the progress of backup.
  • Album automatic backup cloud optimization logic, adding a variety of conditions to trigger automatic backup, backup to enhance the overall efficiency.
  • APP albums optimization commonly checked by default display.
  • Repair picture editing interface for small-size image blur filter added crash.
  • Repair Set wallpaper interface sporadic crashes.
  • Repair cloud album thumbnail display only half of the problem.
  • Repair thumbnail interface when the picture may appear too subfolders wrong question.
  • Even now after the repair directory Change Management refresh folder list is not timely issues.
  • The restored data is switched to the cloud cleared Gallery album will complain of problems.
  • Recovery from the camera into the gallery thumbnail view photos after shooting unable to view the photo slide right questions.

Game Center/Application center

  • Added Split package upgrades.
  • Install new version history function.
  • New batch ignore updates, set up after the application is no longer ignore the prompt application of the update has been set.
  • Added in the “installed” batch uninstall application functionality.
  • New zero flow update, simply open the “silent install” in the settings, you can not disturb the case of zero flow automatically update the application.
  • Added Applications tab, you can show the “official”, “quality”, “security”, “no advertising” tab in the application of such details page.
  • New message push, you can push application centers operating activities, quality and other topics;
  • Added features like points for comment, was the opportunity to praise the most commented top display.
  • New game packs entrance.
  • Optimization of multi-dimensional visual list.

User Center

  • Added Root rights management, will enter Root privileges after setting interface can be Root rights management for individual applications.
  • Added quick registration. Just set a password to use the machine number one key to register Flyme accounts.
  • Added icons identifying other accounts.
  • Added Alipay latest plug-in support six mobile payment password.
  • New web version of scan code to log.


  • Added support for 5 minutes probation fee theme, the money can be capricious.
  • New smart wallpaper function, a key can blur the heart of water wallpaper.
  • New theme installer, you can open the theme format files directly within the document.
  • Added news push system, Direct Push activity or promotional information.
  • Optimized theme details page slide area.


  • New reading mode memory function, re-enter the read mode after exiting, automatically jump to the last reading point.
  • New UC search engine.
  • New multi-tab window animation.
  • Optimization of stealth mode to “More” menu, multi-window pop-up screen bottom bar and the browser’s default bottom button bar button is consistent.
  • Optimized web advertising filtration.
  • Optimized pages forward and back caching mechanisms.

Input Method

  • New cloud Pinyin input function, greatly enhance the accuracy of the association of choice for word;
  • New rich text expression Yen.
  • New candidate inertial sliding bar.
  • Optimal adjustment of touch feedback effects.


  • New classification polymerization subscription.
  • Add Comment for this article can point to praise, there are popular commentary simultaneously;
  • New users can comment spam to report.
  • New left and right slip slide switch operation of the article.
  • Optimized comments show the way, you can see all the comments in the article below.
  • Optimized logic comment box when the article down to the comments section automatically appear when the comment box.
  • Recovery from my subscription page click into polymeric channels to stop running issue.


  • Added stopwatch entity volume metering function keys.
  • The first letter of the city’s function retrieval add new world clock.

Boot boot

  • Use the new networking startup guide.


  • New conference Disturb mode.
  • Square revision, the new square icon recommendation and columns.


  • Added display weather update time, down to a certain extent after the display weather update time, let go after the refresh.
  • Added temperature curve animation, gradual transition temperature curve when switching the two cities.
  • Adding animation to optimize the snow clouds background animations, animated three-dimensional visual effects to optimize the snow.
  • Weather night optimized animation.


  • New list of the main interface can be switched between each other previews, list mode and waterfalls flow pattern.
  • Added support when you insert a picture gallery and document multiple choice.


  • Locking mechanism to optimize the system area, improve the security of the data. (Remove the security center, and other places to visit in the lock area setting switch, leaving only the documents which can access the data locked area).
  • Added support for compressed file preview when available single file.
  • When storage disk repair zip file, switch and stay in the most recently added pages, compression will now stop at the end of the question.
  • When repairing extracting archive to an external root directory, go to the root of the problem is displayed empty folders.
  • Repair drag folders / files to another directory, the document stops running issue.
  • Repair disk to download files from the cloud to the local post “recently added” not timely refresh problem.


  • New telephone recording file search function.
  • Optimization recorder interface.


  • Car Bluetooth phone repair Akoda silent question.
  • LANDI swipe card reader can not repair the problem pairing.


  • Optimized Math brackets of four computing experience, intelligent matching parentheses.
  • When repair evaluates eight digits, display problems scientific notation.


  • Add Account screen new account association function.
  • Added to send pictures to limit the width of 480 pixels and maintain the aspect ratio.
  • New details of the interface font zoom, tables and corresponding on-screen font compression to maintain the original ratio. Long cards no longer hide the display.
  • New search module of sophistication mixed messages of support for the search.
  • New reply messages with attachments, after adding a new contact, a dialog box prompts the user whether to add the original e-mail attachments.
  • Enter the address of the optimized smart Lenovo refreshes efficiency.
  • Add Account screen repair crashes enter e-mail address.
  • POP3 protocol mailbox repair the problem can not search results.



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download links not working

You can find them in the source.
MX4 通用版 = version A (universal)
MX4 移动公开版 = version C (chinese mobile)
MX4 联通版 = version U (unicom)

yes i know but the download is really slow

Yeah \o/ BleNotification is finally working for my mi band !

But I must be blind or something, is that normal I can’t setup Google Now Launcher ? We have to use the Flyme launcher (1.0.1) ?

Meizu Pro 6

Finally, I can pair my phone with my Libratone Zipp Bluetooth speaker :)

Downloaded the A firmware but I’m not sure if I should leave the 4.2.2A test now or wait for the international version. You think it will take more than a week for them to release the I version?
I’m very sceptical over this A vs I tbh. What you think? A or I is better in your eyes? :D

I guess it’s about 3 days after A to release stable I version.

Any one willing to give a mini review? How is it compared to the last “stable” release and even compared to the test firmware?

Hi everyone,
Nice update, stable, running better than othe update for me, i did’t see any chinese characters in the about phone, 52521 at Antutu benchmark.
Best update ever for me. Even the battery was improuve…
The auto brightness didn’t do like disco again. And cellular connection was improuve to (like the time to get cellular at the start of the mx4).
This update worst it.
Sorry for my bad english.

Volume in flyme music app is lowered. I hope it get’s fixed with an update!

@'Tasos said:

Volume in flyme music app is lowered. I hope it get’s fixed with an update!

Download “MTK Engineering Mode” from Play Store. It’s an app for devices with Mediatek processor like the MX4 has.

When installed open it and press MTK Settings and then swipe to the hardware tab. Chose “Audio” from the menu and then the headphones option.

There you can change the value at the bottom of the page to 160. Voila now enjoy the same volume as before on earlier firmware.

I went back to waiting for the international firmware. If it’s not coming anytime soon I’ll install the A version.

best improvement for me thus far is the fact Smart bar do not go over the bottom line of switft key in native apps but the keyboard shows correctly above the bar. finally i dont need to root in the Xperia keyboard which was kinda nice but way too big :)

also it feels like the viration response to keys and such changed a bit, i’ll have to look for it in the settings, but the new one seem lighter which i like better anyway

another thing that susprised me, tah my wife, who got every ota for test versions so far (i rooted my phone right fro mthe start and that kinda killed the OTA) didnt get prompt to go to new stable :( her phone on 4.2.2A claims to be on latest version :(
i will probably flash the new rom for her manyally, but i really expected her to get OTA push

i just checked and my antutu went up from 49720 (that was on to 50979

Yeah the vibration is much more subtle now and “elegant”. Feels nice.

Sent from my MX4

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