Flyme OS 4.1.7 official (MX2)

Security Center

  • New desktop shortcuts to clean up memory.
  • Automatic cleaning of the application process and the service shut down since the start of the new authority.
  • Optimization of garbage clean-up “process and background services” was renamed “Memory acceleration”.

Notification bar

  • Under the fast repair turn off full access switch, you can drop down notification bar problem when full-screen video playback.

Voice assistant

  • Return incorrect results show the problem repaired query recent film.


  • The problem does not show the return key after shut down to repair the camera interface suspension ball.
  • Even now repaired camera mode selection menu unusual problems.


  • Repair ordinary calculation is limited to 10 pages pasted decimal problems.
  • Repair time calculations on the show for eight issues of scientific notation.
  • Repair calculator boundary value problem of inaccurate.


  • Paced video will be played from the beginning of the problem after switching from suspension repair local video window to full screen.
  • Repair HDMI connection issues can not be normal.


  • Optimized photo cache files take too much storage space issues.
  • After the repair part of the picture editor-size image is enlarged interception, and even stop the problem now run gallery.
  • When viewing on a computer repair share photos, click Back to Gallery suspension ball will stop running issue.
  • Adding time to repair large photo editor blur filter will issue an error when saving.


  • The document stops running fixes drag folders / files to another directory.
  • When storage disk repair zip file, switch and stay in the most recently added pages, compression will now end the question of error.


  • Repair switch from single to double row is displayed, the top of the blank questions.


  • After the repair page, click Share, share a long press the icon box after running the browser to stop the problem.


  • Enter the address of Lenovo optimized intelligent pop-refresh efficiency.
    Add Account screen repair enter their email address sporadic crashes.

Flyme 4.1.7A

Flyme 4.1.7A

last edited by Rey

Do you think MX2 will also get the Ubuntu OS?


Nope. It is not so powerful compared with the MX3/4.

True for marketeers…
False for Software Engineers…
A Quad core with 2gb RAM can handle any OS.

Nevertheless, I miss the software updates!

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