02.1248.00\_R09-425 official WCDMA baseband

Meizu recommended to install this baseband for those who updated to Flyme 3.2 on their WCDMA MX2s. Users of the MX2 TD should not install this baseband!

1. MX2 China Unicom contract and international versions can upgrade to this baseband, MX2 TD users do not upgrade!
2. Please upgrade to Flyme OS 3.2 or later firmware before installing this baseband.
3. The upgrade method is the same as for normal firmware, but do not need to Clear Data.

New baseband version.

China Mainland version
Hong Kong version

China Mainland version (Chinese)
Hong Kong version (English/Chinese)

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Hong Kong version released to install with the new Flyme 3.3.1 firmware!

I have downloaded the Hong Kong version WCDMA baseband for my 16GB MX2 but cant set-it up.Please give me full interaction about How to install this file only.

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